New etchings by Tony Fitzpatrick now Available at CPC

Tony Fitzpatrick yellow daze etching gallery publishing

In the past few years, CPC has collaborated on a series of new etchings with Tony Fitzpatrick, all masterfully printed by CPC Master Printer and Studio Assistant Catherine Winings. “Yellow Daze”, above, is Tony’s paean to the grit of Western Avenue, in yet another poetic nod to his home town Chicago. This  2-color, 8 x 10 inch etching is printed on 100% cotton rag Hahnemuhle paper in an edition of 45. Available in the gallery for $1000.

Here’s what Tony has to say about it:
“There was a saloon on North Avenue and Sedgewick some years ago called O’Rourkes–it was legendary for being a hang -out for Actors, Writers, Newspaper folks and Artists. It had one of the best Juke-Boxes one can imagine–everything from Billie Holiday to Louis Armstrong to Johnny Hartmann. There was one Lovely and elegiac moody jazz song called “Yellow Days” by Earl “Fatha” Hines. When I was still drinking pints of Bass Ale I would give this song a quarter every time I went in there…It was an ebulliently sad song if that makes any sense–one of those songs that smiles to keep from crying…This is kind of what Western Avenue feels like to me–harsh, comical, urgent and oddly defeated; but still slugging…it is that kind of song and that kind of place…”

Here are some other etchings we have available, all printed at the CPC:

So honored to work with this man. Shoot us an email at if interested. We can ship both nationally and internationally.