Membership at Chicago Printmakers Collaborative

Experienced printmakers may use the facilities at the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative by paying monthly access fees of $200 per calendar month. A discount of $150/month is available for recent college graduates of an accredited printmaking program, for up to one year after graduation. Printmakers only pay for the months in which they work, and a key is provided for 24-hour access to the workshop. An interview and portfolio review is required of all workshop members, and a contract is then signed to insure the safety and commitment of both the member and the CPC.

The CPC provides its members:

  • press time and facilities in the medium(s) agreed upon in its contract with its members.
  • support equipment such as ventilated acid hood and solvent room, vertical etching tank (for both copper and zinc), etching blankets (felts), plate cutter, hotplate, aquatint box and rosin room, tarletons, screen washout area w/ power washer (for water-based ink), darkroom and exposure units, screen storage, squeegies, scoop-coaters, aluminum plate backer (for litho), an array of over 60 litho stones, graining sink and levegator, tympans, scraper bars, light tables, drying racks, paper soaking trays, files, clamps, ink spatulas, straight-edge, paper-cutter, and other tools.
  • materials such as solvents, paper towels, cleaning supplies (simple green, vegetable oil, etc.), ink modifiers, varnishes, and driers, hard and soft grounds, nitric acid, ferric chloride, and phosphoric acid, lithography chemistry (gum arabic, lithotine, tapum, etc.), some inks (limited), rosin, talc, carborundem grits, etc.
  • a safe, clean, professional working environment.
  • opportunities for networking, exhibition, and participation in all CPC projects including: group portfolios and exchanges (suites), the annual International Small Print Exhibition (in the Workshop Print Gallery in December), invitational shows, and other events.
  • discounts on CPC merchandise
  • calendar sign-up for press time
  • flat storage space and space to store one crate or box of supplies

All prospective members will be given a full tour of the CPC workshop, and new members will be offered a review of all press procedures (where applicable).

Membership Categories

  • CPC Monthly Membership

    Members provide their own personal supplies, including: plates, paper, tools, newsprint, inks, respirator, gloves, blotters, drawing supplies, snacks (we have a small refrigerator and microwave), tape, screens, and specialized materials. Members with a great attitude, the ability to work cooperatively in a shared workshop setting, and a particularly enthusiastic willingness to clean up after themselves are always happy at CPC.

  • Inky Membership

    The CPC is celebrating its 25th year with an initiative called the Friends of the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative– an opportunity to support the CPC and its programs by subscribing to a print club.

    Prints for this Friends program are donated by CPC member artists and interested Inky Friends. The subscription lasts for one year and includes varying benefits. All Friends will receive acknowledgment on the CPC’s website, as well as invitations to all CPC events and discounts on aprons and other CPC merchandise.

    Kind FRIEND – $30

    You receive a free CPC t-shirt (please choose S, M, L, XL).

    Inky FRIEND – $75

    (Artist/Printmaker Category) – You receive an invitation to participate in the CPC’s annual small print exhibition and in CPC programs, print suites, visiting artists presentations, print exchanges, and a discount on gallery rental. This fee is reduced to $45/year for any artist-printmaker who donates a print to the CPC that falls within the criteria for donated prints. Donated prints must be of high quality, have clean margins, be meticulously crafted and printed with archival paper and inks, and can be of any print medium including monotype and other one-of-a-kind prints

    Trusty FRIEND – $100

    You trust CPC to give you one print of CPC’s choosing (it will be sure to be a good one!)

    True FRIEND – $300

    You choose one print out of a group of three, and we will give you a grand tour of the new CPC facility when you arrive. You receive a 15% discount on your next purchase of a print at the Workshop Print Gallery. You receive a free CPC apron or a free CPC t-shirt – your choice!

    Tried FRIEND – $550

    You choose two prints from a group of five, and we will give you a grand tour of the new CPC facility when you arrive. You receive a 15% discount on your next two print purchases at the Workshop Print Gallery. You receive a free CPC apron and a free CPC t-shirt.

    Best FRIEND – $2000 (or more)

    You receive a boxed suite of 14 prints, all on archival paper and produced in a limited edition at the CPC by members and invited artists. You, along with 4-5 of your friends, are invited to tea and dessert at the CPC that includes a tour of the workshop and gallery and a presentation on printmaking. You receive a 15% discount on all your print purchases at the Workshop Print Gallery. You receive a free CPC apron and a free CPC t-shirt.