Facilities at Chicago Printmakers Collaborative

Meet the Press[es]...

  • Takach Lithography Press

    Press Bed Size: 33.5″ x 60″

  • Takach Etching Press

    Press Bed Size: 33.5″ x 60″

  • Dickerson Combination Press

    Press Bed Size: 27″ x 48″

  • Main Studio and Gallery

Other Stuff


Darkroom and exposure units, work tables, light tables, drying racks, hotplate


Ventilated acid hood/solvent room, vertical etching tanks (for copper and zinc), etching blankets (felts), aquatint box and rosin room, tarletons


Screen washout area w/ power washer (for water-based ink), screen storage, squeegies, scoop-coaters


Aluminum plate backer, an array of over 60 litho stones, graining sink and levegator, tympans, scraper bars


Paper soaking trays, files, clamps, ink spatulas, straight-edges, and paper-cutters.

MATERIALS (Provided in reasonable quantities)

Solvents, paper towels, cleaning supplies (simple green, baby oil, etc.), ink modifiers, varnishes, driers, hard and soft grounds, nitric acid, ferric chloride, phosphoric acid, lithography chemistry (gum arabic, lithotine, tapum, etc.), rosin, talc, carborundum grits, and screen reclaimer.