Meet the Team!

This is our wonderful team of teachers, members, and interns! Last year we organized a series of interviews with all of our instructors called Teacher Feature to celebrate our awesome faculty. This year, we’re working on a new interview series called Member Spotlight to highlight our monthly members. For those we have yet to interview, we’ve linked directly to their portfolio websites. We hope this page sheds light on the incredibly talented people that make Chicago Printmakers Collaborative a supportive and productive workshop, gallery, and community.

Deborah Maris Lader

Assistant Director
Victoria Marie Barquin

Studio Manager
Jack Spector-Bishop

Studio Assistants
Carl Voss



Megan Sterling
Matt Bodett
Duffy O’Connor
Melody Vaughan
Chris Flynn
Kim Laurel

Eric Wilson

Resident Artists

Maria Mungai
Randy Stearns
Catherine Jacobi
Lindsay Budzynski
Deirdre Britt
Stephanie Toral   

CPC Members

Megan Hinds
Dennis O’Malley
Michelle McCoy
Bart Longacre
Eric Wilson
Eric Bremer
Bryn Gleason
Sasha Perez
Anoush Bargamian
Ann-Marie Greenberg
Joanna Anos
Misha Goro