Eric Wilson

Eric Wilson is a Chicago based printmaker and artist. Producing a kodochromatic world of Americana and kitsch is his never-ending project. His primary medium is traditional lithography, although he works sculpturally and in other 2-D media. He received his BFA in printmaking from Northern Illinois University in 2013 and his MFA from the University of Arizona in 2018. After living in the deserts of the American Southwest his subjects exist almost exclusively in the realm of western art. Currently, he produces his work in his home studio/living room and at the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative.

Six-Gun Gold, 14 x 11 inches, Lithograph, $174 (4 paper color options)


MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: a Q & A with Eric Wilson

How long have you been at CPC?

I have been at CPC for a little over a year now. It has been an exciting time to be involved with all of the projects and events for CPC’s 30th! In the past, I was a member between the time I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in 2013 and moving to Arizona.

What’s your favorite type of printmaking? 

Lithography. I was drawn to litho initially because I thought the process was magic. When I drew on my first stone I knew it was all that I needed in printmaking. Color plays a major role in my prints, and I find that color layers in litho are intuitive for my process. The other important reason I am a lithographer is that you can make a lithograph look like any medium, printmaking or not, so it is cool to draw something that looks like pencil with flat colors that look like brushed on paint and throw on some splattering and some solid line work.

Why do you make art?

My parents were both artists. I felt sort of like a child of lawyers or doctors where my path was predetermined. Through my childhood and college career, I always thought in terms of art. At this point I have so much practice making art, I wouldn’t know what else to do. I feel lucky to have a mind that thinks visually. At this point in my life I need to keep making art to get all the ideas in my head out into the physical world.

What other media do you enjoy working in?

I like sculpting. Right now I am working on some cast plastic figurines that I am airbrushing (I love Kitsch). My MFA thesis show was primarily sculptural with dioramas and a sculpted map.

What direction are you planning to go in the coming year with your work?

I would like to continue making western prints. I lived in Tucson Arizona for about 4 years and truly fell in love with the desert and the west. I am working in 11 x 14 and 15 x 20 sizes, and hope to make 2 editioned portfolio boxes by the end of the year.

What is your favorite non-art distraction?

Playing music. I just got a lap steel guitar, so I am trying to learn how to play that.

One Foot in Hell, 20 x 15 inches, Lithograph, $200 (4 paper color options)


One Foot in Hell Figurine, 3.5″ tall, Cast plastic from an original sculpture, hand painted and airbrushed w/ twisted wire rope, $50 each (8 available)


Only the Valiant, 14 x 11 inches, Lithograph, $75

Twilight on the Trail, 14 x 11 inches, Lithograph, $100

To purchase any of the work you see above, please visit Eric’s website and follow him on Instagram. Read other Member Spotlight interviews here.