Duffy O’Connor

Duffy O’Connor is a printmaker, painter and illustrator active in Chicago since 1999. He is a longtime member of the Chicago Printmakers Collaborataive where he teaches classes in intaglio and relief printmaking . He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Grand Valley State University and received his Master of Fine Arts degree in Printmaking from the University of Iowa in 1994. In addition to his duties at the CPC, Duffy also teaches at the Evanston Art Center and Harper College.

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TEACHER FEATURE: a Q & A with Duffy O’Connor 

How long have you been at CPC? 

I’ve been a member of the CPC for 19 years

Why do you make art?

As a child, I loved drawing pictures and I have yet to stop.  I’ve never wondered why.

How does teaching and printmaking play a part in your studio practice?

helping students solve their aesthetic and technical problems in art and printmaking always helps me to understand my own work better; teaching has made me a better artist

What other media do you enjoy working in?

painting (gouache) and drawing for fine art and illustration

What book are you currently reading?

I am reading Life of Black Hawk or Ma-ka-tai-me-she kia-kiak

What is your favorite non-art distraction?


Who are 3 artists (dead or alive) that inspire you?

Piero della Fancesca, Käthe Kollwitz, Jean-Baptiste Camille-Corot

Who is your favorite printmaker?

Käthe Kollwitz

Describe the color violet to someone who is blind.

it looks like the taste of a grape Jolly Rancher

Favorite teaching moment?

I was once told by a graduate of Northwestern University that I am the best instructor she had ever had; and the student prefaced her compliment by referring to her experience at Northwestern. that made me feel good.

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