STOREFRONT TAKEOVER with sculptor Catherine Jacobi

Catherine Jacobi


The House That John Built

deconstructed doll house

4 constructions, each approx. 32” x 34” x 3”





Artist Statement

In 1969 my father (John) began building a doll house from mail order plans. For the most part he followed the plans, and the result was my surprise gift from Santa that year. Is it a girl’s dream, to have the awesome responsibility of a house and it’s upkeep.

In 1974 I renovated the house using wall and carpet selections of our house at that time. This house, so like, but more perfect than my own.

50 years after initially receiving the dollhouse, I had the idea that I could reimage/rebuild the house the way I truly saw it — without any sense of disrespect and conversely to celebrate the continuum and history of its construction ­­— to marvel at the longevity of it ­— the putting together of pieces that so want to be together.

The house was deconstructed and rebuilt into 4 structural fragments and a photo compilation of the original house. 5 pieces — a family — breaking apart the familiar, the known and reorganizing it for another look.




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