Rebellious Integration

Artists include:
Megan Sterling, Katarzyna Cepek, Deborah Maris Lader, Duffy O’Connor, Oli Watt, Stephanie Barenz, Barbara Madsen, Candace Nicol, Cerese Vaden, John Hitchcock, Jill Fitterer, Kimiko Miyoshi, Laurie Blakeslee, Michael Barnes, Oscar Gillespie, Priya Nadkarni

Also showing in the CPC gallery:
“Global Fusion”
an international portfolio project organized by Maritza Davila and Indrani Gall

Contributing Artists:
Maritza Dávila (Puerto Rico), Sarojini Jha Johnson (India), Indrani Gall (India), Haydee Landing (Puerto Rico), Amy Foltz (USA), Johanna Paas (USA), Hui-Chu Ying (Taiwan), Lise Drost (USA), Enrique Leal (Spain), Stephen Black (USA), Luis Abraham Ortiz (Puerto Rico), David DuBose (USA)

These events were organized in conjunction with the 2009 Southern Graphics Council Conference , which took place in Chicago March 25-28. It was GREAT to see all the printfolk in Chicago! The ink was flying….