Beyond Boundaries: 35 Artists Connect

Boundaries-physical or imagined, global or personal-can constrain our lives if we let them. In “Beyond Boundaries – 35 Chicago Artists Connect”, members of the Collaborative and invited guests created 12″ x 12″ unique works of art using materials of their choice: paper, glass, wood, paint, fabric etc. Each work of art contained a line or visual element that crossed the center, connecting one artist to the next, moving outside the borders of an individual space and into a new boundless one. The modular format of the project allows the exhibition to travel, be reconfigured and find new connections along the way.

A collection of postcards of the original art was created to celebrate this project. This allowed the public to purchase a form of the art while actively participating in the idea of going beyond boundaries, i.e. the “sending off” of the art as mail, disseminating the images all over the world. In this way the theme comes full circle. The postcards have also been displayed, arranged in frames, laminated, and used to build houses of “cards”.

Participating Artists: Hiroshi Ariyama, Stephanie Barenz, Margaret Buchen, Lia Conklin, Laura M. Coyle, Sue Demel, Sam Falbo, Susan Hall, Fletcher Hayes, Carrie Iverson, Catherine Jacobi, Janet Jaffke, Cynthia King, Kathleen King, Jill Kramer, Deborah Maris Lader, Kim Laurel, Thomas Lucas, John McGlinn, Kate McQuillen, Bert Menco, Michael Miller, BettyAnn Mocek, Steve Mueller, Sarah Nishiura, Duffy O’Connor, Dennis B. O’Malley, Mary K. O’Shaughnessy, Heather Page, Tom Robinson, Robert Sabo, Megan Sterling, Kyra Termini, Kim Vanderheiden, Charlie Van Gilder.

This program is part of Chicago Artists Month, which is supported and coordinated by the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs. For more information, please visit