CPC turns 30! (ok, now we’re 31, but 2020 is due for a do-OVER!!!)

It’s official. September 2019 marked the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative’s 30th year. The CPC community workshop began in an old rented 2nd story walkup in East Ukrainian Village with a Dickerson Press, some weird furniture salvaged from a hospital demolition, and the very crazy notion that if you accumulate a few litho stones and some toxic chemicals, that people will flock to your crib to make etchings, woodcuts, lithographs and screen prints. And so here we are! 30 years later, we own our space with natural light pouring in from the skylights, our materials are way less toxic, and our community has grown to thousands all over the world who have visited, taken classes, and pulled gorgeous prints from our presses. We’re so excited to celebrate our milestone with a year-long series of printy events, including open houses, a collaborative print portfolio called 30/2020, an exhibition called “30 artists/30 years”, a $30 sale, a stellar parade of visiting artists, a 30-year celebratory STEAMROLLER arts fest and MORE! Stay tuned for the full rundown. In the meantime, take a class from one of our fabulously talented teachers or swing by to see all the new prints that have winged their way to the gallery walls and flat files. Thank you Chicago, for supporting us – we’re blessed to be able to roll, ink, wipe, carve, gouge, engrave, etch and pull things off presses and through screens in your midst. YEAH! 

Pandemic UPDATES:

•The $30 SALE will be rescheduled for May 2021.

•The CPC Portfolio Project will be launched in January 2021 and exhibited in Spring of 2021.

•The Steamroller Festival will be rescheduled for summer 2021.

We REALLY look forward to seeing ya’ll when we REDO some of our 30th anniversary events (in our 31st year). Perhaps we’ll call it “OVER 30”. Or “30 Do-over”. We’ll have new hairdos. It’ll be GREAT.