CPC policy in regards to Covid-19 outbreak

To our local and global CPC community:

The shop is quiet, and misses the buzz of its artists, students and visitors – the people who give it light and life. We will get through this because we know how to come together (remotely) and do the right thing. We appreciate all that you
are doing to stay safe and creative, and we reach out to those of you suffering, or struggling. We champion our health workers, mail deliverers, grocery store workers, and others who selflessly forge ahead to make things run in the face of danger. We salute our Mayor, who has proven to be a great leader and role model. Thank these heroes every chance you have. Wear your mask. Wash your hands. And stay home.
The CPC is following all recommendations of the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Chicago Department of Health.

Effective IMMEDIATELY: The CPC will be closed until further notice (at least through the end of April). All SPRING SHORTS classes, private classes, work sessions, and events are either canceled, postponed, or suspended. CPC is closed to members and Resident Artists.

To our gallery guests: Those interested in purchasing work in the gallery may do so via Paypal or credit card by phone. Please email us at info@chicagoprintmakers.com to make arrangements. We offer either private curbside pickup (free) or secure shipping ($25-$50 for domestic packages). In the meantime, look for our fun new online feature, “FLATFILE FRIDAYS“, coming to your email inbox each week, where you can enjoy the work of our featured gallery artists from the comfort of your living room couch.


The CPC has long been a sanctuary during challenging times, and we hope that CPC can still provide some sort of safe space for all of us. Here’s what we’re doing:

•We’re very excited about our new Facebook Group called CPC Remote Printshop! If you haven’t already been invited to joined us, it’s probably because you’re either 1. not on Facebook or 2. not a “friend” of either me or Vic on FB, so please go ahead and friend one of us or become a “fan” of CPC’s FB page so that we can invite you! People are already posting and sending us fun content. Vic and I set this up as a space for us all to interact, share work, check in, share artistic tips, and generally keep up with one another, both in terms of mental health and creative output during this time of uncertainty and anxiety. CLICK HERE for the link.

• Four weeks ago, we began our new FLATFILE FRIDAYS series to draw attention to (and monetize) some of the beautiful work in the CPC gallery. We received amazing positive feedback from our FB and Instagram followers, as well as those who received the feature in their email inbox. It’s already resulted in numerous art sales that support the shop and our artists. If you missed our features from the past four weeks, we highly encourage you to check them out here:

Karen Butler
Kouki Tsuritani
Mirka Hokkanen
Damon Kowarsky
Nicola Villa
Coco Berkman
Dan Grzeca

•Vic and I are going to both promote and continue our member spotlight series in order to further support our artists and encourage others to visit their websites and purchase work from them. Our next spotlight will feature Eric Wilson. We will also further promote our existing teacher features.

•We are planning a promotion via social media to encourage people to purchase class gift certificates for future use – our local Chamber of Commerce will be assisting us with this particular promo.

•Any other ideas are welcome. I do hope you all stay well and at least moderately busy with things (and people) you love. Do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or thoughts. I will do my very best to communicate with you during these most unprecedented circumstances.

Be well, in health and ink,

Deborah Maris Lader, Director

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