Catherine Winings

Catherine Winings is a printmaker, painter, illustrator, and designer who is interested in people, specificity, and control. She particularly enjoys working with artists to make and edition etchings, in addition to printing her own. She is an avid cat and dog petter, letter-writer, and arm wrestler. In addition to teaching private etching classes at the CPC, she works as a master printer and is currently collaborating with Tony Fitzpatrick on a series of new, 5-color intaglio prints.

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TEACHER FEATURE: a Q & A with Catherine Winings

How long have you been at CPC?

A little over two years!

Why do you make art?

I like the physical experience and leaving a personal record.

How does teaching and printmaking play a part in your studio practice?

I enjoy problem-solving and having a clear plan of the steps I need to take. Working with other people helps clear my head of any doubts about the concept or subject and allows me to focus on the process. If I wouldn’t question someone else’s reason for making something, why shouldn’t I allow myself to create freely? I always think about a professor who told me to “suspend judgment” until after I have made something, rather than letting myself get caught in the middle. I also like to see the things different people make because it feels very personal to me.

What other media do you enjoy working in?

I miss painting because it allows me to work with color much more quickly.

Cool stuff out there on the web?

Here’s a video of me printing a 5-color etching for Tony Fitzpatrick that the CPC published on their instagram:

What direction are you planning to go in the coming year with your work?

I would like to continue working on a few larger soft-ground etchings. In the past, I’ve taken advantage of how readily etching lends itself to small work, but I think that kept me away from working with the figure.

What book are you reading currently?

I started reading Timbuktu by Paul Auster.

What is your favorite non-art distraction?

Food, cats, dogs, other animals, good company, knitting (badly), Stardew Valley, etc. Please tell me about your cats.

Who are 3 artists (dead or alive) that inspire you?

Lucian Freud, David Hockney, William Kentridge. Kathe Kollwitz.

Who is your favorite printmaker?

Maybe Kathan Brown…

In your past life, you were a _______.

I like to think I was a patch of moss or a mushroom or something. Snail?

Are you more of a hunter or a gatherer?
Definitely a gatherer. I used to wander through the forest eating leaves.

What was the last gift you gave someone?

A tiny ceramic cat.